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Increasing Demand

Reports in the news media state that from April 2011, sales of digital books in the US began to outsell their physical counterparts. Although the digital book market in the rest of the world is currently smaller, analysts are forecasting a similar upward trend for this market over the coming years. The Electronic Book Company's range of services have been structured to help meet the increasing demand from small to medium size publishing houses; publishers who are eager to get a foothold in the ever-expanding digital book market, but are not necessarily eager to get involved with the technical nuts and bolts of ebook publishing.

We have found that publishers are happy to let us take care of their ebook publishing whilst they get on with their core business. Furthermore, with ebooks costing from just: £170 (GBP) - €211 (EUR)* per title (up to 60,000 words) this means we are invariably much more cost-effective compared to in-house produced ebooks. 

The Electronic Book Company specialises in meticulously preparing and formatting manuscripts for publication onto Amazon’s Kindle Store. We can also, subject to viable Kindle sales and for an additional charge, re-format to the ePub standard and publish your books to other leading on-line bookstores. These include major ebook retailers such as Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes & Noble.

The advantage of first publishing your titles onto Amazon-Kindle is that you can use the Kindle Store to monitor sales. If a particular book performs well on Amazon - the biggest on-line marketplace for ebook sales - you could then choose to make it available to a wider global readership by commissioning us to re-format and publish to additional outlets.

The ebook Advantage
  • Major on-line ebook stores offer your titles a chance to be purchased by millions of people worldwide –That’s some distribution network!
  • Depending on the distribution channel and on-line retail outlet, royalties/earnings can amount to 70% of a book’s cover price
  • Fast turnaround - New titles can be made available to readers within weeks rather than months
  • Backlisted titles, once converted to ebook format, can enjoy a new lease of life

Click HERE for a copy of our informative 2012 Guide. Our detailed guide covers ebook distribution, pricing, royalties and much more. 

Transparent Pricing

*The price quoted is for titles of up to 60,000 words. For longer titles simply add £15 - €18.60 (EUR) per additional 10,000 words.

Price reflects the Euro - Sterling exchange rate on the 1st of July 2012 and is subject to normal currency fluctuations.


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