Distribution: Your books can reach millions of potential readers through our access to a worldwide distribution network. Once published, we are able to access various online distribution channels which means that your books could become available to all of the leading on-line ebook retailers. These major players include Amazon-Kindle, Apple's iBookstore (Covering Australia, Canada, the US, France, Germany and the UK) and Barnes & Noble, America's biggest traditional book retailer. Initially, we prepare, format and publish your title worldwide, onto Amazon-Kindle. It is estimated that Amazon currently accounts for around 70% of all ebook sales.The logic behind this selective approach is, if your ebook fails to sell on Amazon, it's extremely unlikely it will sell on the smaller sales outlets. This allows you keep your outlay to a minimum, while at the same allowing you to monitor the title’s sales performance. Should your book sell well on Amazon-Kindle, we can, for an additional charge, re-format to the ePub standard and publish to our wider distribution network. 

DID YOU KNOW? People don’t have to be Kindle owners to buy and read Kindle ebooks. Amazon very conveniently provides free software for computers which allow readers to download and read ebooks without the need to buy a Kindle. Search Google for 'free Kindle apps' - you can download free software for many devices, including: Android phones or tablets, iPads. Smartphones: iPhone & iPod touch. Plus computers: including Macs, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10. 


Prices correct as of Jan 2018
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