Authors: Anyone who has ever tried to get a publisher interested in their manuscript will tell you that even with the help of a well-connected agent, the chances of securing a publishing deal are at the very best, remote. Having your work published as an ebook is a cost-effective way of bringing your book to the attention of the millions of people worldwide who frequently download electronic books. 

Join the Immortals: According to leading industry sources, the average physical book spends less than three months on bookstore shelves. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find some way to keep your book selling year in and year out? Well, now you can. Provided that you’re prepared to spend a little time promoting your work, your newly published ebook could become a year in, year out, seller. And unlike conventionally published books that can rapidly find themselves off the shelves and out-of-print, ebooks can stay on sale forever…or at least until YOU decide to hit the “un-publish” button. By choosing to have your work published as an ebook, you will in effect, be ensuring that your precious book will remain immortal.

Editorial Services: On a more down-to-earth note.... to make sure that your immortal book is forever perfect, we offer a range of editorial options, including our innovative, 'international friendly' editing options. You can check out our editorial prices: HERE

If you have a potential bestseller or perhaps you have an out-of-print book that you would like to re-publish as an ebook, you can upload your manuscript directly to The Electronic Book Company by clicking: HERE Alternatively, you can send your manuscript using the email address below. Once we received your manuscript, we will get back to you confirming the price and approximate publication date within 48 hours. 

The Electronic Book Company Guide: Click HERE to request our info-packed Guide; it contains information on prices, royalty rates, cover design and much more...

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